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Rate Technology is honoured to represent Scientific Dust Collectors equipment & systems

In the most challenging industrial settings, where top-notch performance and efficiency are non-negotiable, the answer is crystal clear. SDC delivers nothing short of the ultimate solution - thanks to you. We deeply value our customers and prioritize resolving their real-life predicaments. Through continuous research, hands-on experience, and cutting-edge technology, we thrive in today's fiercely competitive global market.

Scientific Dust Collectors takes pride in providing a cutting-edge and advanced solution to dust collection. By delving deep into the realms of scientific principles like velocity, gravity, and pressure, we have mastered the art of engineering highly efficient dust management systems. Our sophisticated alternative to the generic dust collector guarantees optimal performance and sets us apart in the fiercely competitive global market.

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Better Cleaning Means Less Filter Area is Required

Experience the Difference with Scientific Dust Collector’s Revolutionary Cleaning System. Our patented technology not only effectively cleans the filter bags but also promotes a uniformly distributed dust cake along the entire length of the filter bag. This innovative approach allows us to require significantly less cloth area compared to generic dust collectors that rely on venturi-based cleaning systems. Don't settle for poor cleaning and excessive cloth area; choose the smarter solution for your filtration needs.

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Featured Models

SPJ-T Series Baghouse

Walk-In Plenum

Heavy Duty Reverse Pulse-Jet Dust Collector
SPJ-T Series is a Top Bag removal collector with walk-in plenum access.

Model Reference Sheet

SPJ-B Series Baghouse

Bottom Access

Heavy Duty Reverse Pulse-Jet Dust Collector
SPJ-B Series is a Bottom Bag removal collector with side bag access.

Model Reference Sheet

SPJ-H Series Baghouse


Heavy Duty Reverse Pulse-Jet Dust Collector
This model is a Horizontal Baghouse designed for low headroom applications.

Model Reference Sheet

Technical Articles

Improving the Cleaning Cycle in Baghouse Collectors 

The reverse pulse jet baghouse has been around for over 45 years and the cleaning cycle has not changed very much since that time. The cleaning cycle is the most important part of the dust collector because it controls efficiency and media life.

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Advantages of Cleaning without a Venturi In Pulse Jet Baghouse Collectors 

A venturi has been associated with reverse pulsejet baghouse dust collectors since the 1950’s, and has become the industry standard design for the reverse-jet cleaning system of baghouse dust collectors. While the reverse jet with venturi does provide some advantages when compared to other methods such as reverse-air or mechanical-shaker cleaning systems, the venturi itself has some disadvantages that are often overlooked.

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New Nozzle Technology | Cleaning More With Less

This technical paper will explain the new nozzle technology developed by Scientific Dust Collectors that allows high air-tocloth ratio baghouses to use 80psig of compressed air instead of the industry standard 100psig.

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Featured Applications
Dry Synthetic Gypsum

Dry Synthetic Gypsum

Insulated Baghouse with Bottom Screw Conveyor SPJ-216-X4T10

U.S. Gypsum required a high efficiency insulated baghouse to continuously operate at a temperature of 220o F.
Recycling Paper and Plastic

Recycling – Garbage (Paper & Plastic)

Collector Model SPJ-264-X4RT8

Strategic Materials is one of the largest recyclers in the United States with multiple plants and processing centers. As the recycled garbage is being transported from one conveyor belt system to another, pieces of plastic and paper need to be collected to keep their manufacturing plant clean.


Collector Model SPJ-18-X4B8

American Licorice Company is a candy maker producing popular brands like Red Vines and Sour Punch confections. They use a Scientific Dust Collector to control sugar dust during production.


Collector Model MP-6

OPI Products, a leader in the cosmetics industry, looked to Scientific Dust Collectors for a solution for their plant located in North Hollywood, California. They were having problems with dust control in the area around their packaging stations. During this process, fine dust was migrating to the other areas and processes within the plant.
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Superior Filtration Efficiency


SDC is proud to announce that we have recently completed all of the six (6) required testing stages as per the standard. It is important to note that the testing was done using SDC's standard design and nozzle cleaning technology. An air-to-cloth ratio of 10.6:1 was used on the required fine powder. The superb collection efficiency at all PM levels, low system pressure drop, and upset condition recovery are all well proven in this report. What the results show is that our PATENTED Nozzle Cleaning Technology does allow us to operate at much higher Air to Cloth Ratios than the rest of the competition without decreasing efficiency or filter life. Furthermore, we are achieving these results with standard polyester filter media. This is why we offer a FILTER LIFE GUARANTEE on most applications (ask for details). What does this mean for you? It means that using SDC's baghouse design can provide you an excellent dust collector product that saves you horsepower, compressed air, floor space and filter life all the while providing superior filtration efficiency! Please contact Scientific Dust Collectors and "Discover the Difference".

What is ASHRAE 199 you may ask?

ASHRAE 199 details a comprehensive, thorough and detailed method for testing the performance of industrial dust collectors being cleaned using pulse jet technologies.

 This is the first time a definitive test method has been identified for the dust collection industry. Standard 199-2016 was published as a joint venture between ASHRAE and the American Standards Testing Institute (ANSI). ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199-2016 specifies test methods to measure emissions, differential pressure  and compressed air consumption in pulse cleaned dust collectors under realistic operating conditions. It applies to bag, cartridge, or envelope style industrial dust collectors that clean the filter media by using a pulse of compressed air to discharge the dust cake from the filter media while the air cleaning device remains online.

The test procedure is not concerned with the internal operation of the dust collector itself, but rather the actual performance of each testing process.  For too long, the use of the MERV rating has been associated with dust collector performance.  This can’t be farther from the truth as the MERV rating is specific to filter media performance under controlled laboratory conditions that mimic industrial HVAC systems.  While the MERV rating is useful for HVAC systems, it does not take into consideration the performance of repetitive cleaned filter elements.

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