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We are pleased to announce our recent partnership with Siftex, a manufacturer and distributor for nearly every industry.

Siftex has a product line second to none.  Their connectors are designed with your facility in mind. 

So, if you'd like to reduce maintenance costs, downtime and maintain a safe and sanitary work environment from your employees, talk to us about Siftex and how to GET BETTER CONNECTED!

Screen Cleaning Siftex Video SS

Equipment By Industry

Complete Materials Handling Solutions

Specializing in providing complete materials handling (powder, tablet and API) solutions for OSD and API pharma manufacturers.


Value-Added Processing

We have processed every chemical imaginable, from the coatings and textiles sector, plastics, petrochemcial, paint and coatings, to fertilizers and more.


Food Production
Supporting the World's Food Chain

Helping our customers hygienically process their products.  Dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains, vegetables, beef, poultry and fish, sugar, coffee, seasonings, vitamins, beverages, pet food.  Our food processing experience is extensive.


Reclaim, Reduce, Reuse

Adding value to a recycled stream of materials by separating by size as well as separating reusable metals from paper, plastic, e-scrap, wood, and rubber.


Energy & Power

Supporting manufacturers of Alternative Fuels and Bio Process - helping to do our part to support the environment and sustainability.


Collaborative Design

We  work very closely with engineering and consulting groups to ensure each client’s individual process needs are met and satisfied.


Mining & Minerals
Gold, Diamond, Nickel, Aluminum, Copper

No matter what you're processing, we represent one of the most innovative systems to support mining initiatives.


Building Products
Housing & Commercial

We support the housing and commercial construction industry by working directly with manufacturers of cement, concrete, brick, wood, composites, steel, gypsum and fiberglass to achieve significant production efficiencies.


Adhesives & Sealants
Creating Strong Bonds

We have processed a variety of these pastes, liquids, powders, granules and solid melts, which are used for the construction and home improvement spaces. 


Featured Process - Where We Fit

Dairy Production

Dairy Process Fittings

Our Equipment

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Our Customers

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Roy Rattos

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Ryan Rattos

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What our clients say

When we needed a replacement Pollution Control Baghouse/Filter, Schenck guided us their Ontario Sales Representatives - Rate Technology Systems.  We found RTS excelled at customer service and after-market assistance.  Ryan was especially accommodating when it came to project scope changes or revisions, dealing with "curve balls" easily and professionally. Two projects are up and running with no issues with commissioning or fitments.

I would recommend Rate Technology as they've been knowledgeable, professional, understanding and accommodating. Looking forward to working with RTS again in the future.

What Did Rate Learn?  Active listening. We were met with last minute project scope changes but relied on active listening to ensure necessary changes were accomplished smoothly.


1 cm square placeholder
Richard T. Pfeifer
Richardson International Limited - Thunder Bay

Rate Technology made our screening and separation problems much easier to deal with. A one-stop-shop for multiple equipment types, RTS provides the ability to provide multiples types of equipment from a single source - and at a great price. I recommend Rate Technology for quick response, great pricing and good products. The result? A happy customer!

What Did Rate Learn?  ASK! Initially, Shred-Tech were looking for 1 piece of equipment. After asking about their downstream process, they ended up purchasing 2 pieces and driving their costs down considerably.

Shred Tech

1 cm square placeholder
Ian Richardson, Sales Engineer
Shred-Tech Corporation

We  had a lack of confidence and some quality issues with our previous magnet supplier. Happily, since we first contacted Rate Technology, we have experienced good service, clear communication and quick replies to any questions.

RTS is always available and has achieved quick turnaround on replacement parts for some of our clients in downtime situations.

Our magnet solutions are far better thought out and are supported by specific performance sheets, enabling us to help our customers better understand their choices.

I would highly recommend Rate Technology for great service, good selection of products, quick turnaround and remarkable product knowledge.

What Did Rate Learn? Consistency. RTS learned, once again, the importance of being consistent with customer service as a focus for long-term partnerships.

Sparta Manufacturing-1-1

1 cm square placeholder
Jeffrey Chouinard, Estimator
Sparta - Application Engineering

And you know what the best part is?

We're a proudly Canadian, family owned business.


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