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These informative videos will show you why BFM fittings are Cleaner | Safer | More Efficient.




BFM fittings

Cleaner | Safer | More Efficient
A good fittings system will keep your production areas cleaner, saving you valuable time, money and provide a better environment for staff.  We offer the best flexible fittings system on the market!
Find out how BFM Fittings can save you time, reduce dust and increase hygiene.
Watch to see how BFM® fittings fit tighter under pressure - unlike traditional hoseclips!
The BFM® fitting system is ideal for use in CIP (Clean In Place) applications. Specifically marked wash sleeves can also be provided.
BFM® fittings are ideally suited for oscillating applications such as sifters.
Bulk bag loading made far easier! The revolutionary design of BFM Fittings help you to achieve significant production efficiencies. We can show you how.
Now you have a revolutionary BFM fitting, view this informative video to get your installation up and running.
See the difference between a revolutionary BFM Fitting and a standard hose clamp connector.

The BFM fittings Difference

Years of expertise & industry knowledge have created a transformed flexible connector. Get this informative brochure to find out more about these revolutionary fittings.

BFM Fitting Brochure Cover w CTA