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With a proven track record dating back to 1899, Dings Co. Magnetic Group has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of magnetic metal separation solutions. Our expertise lies in crafting custom industrial magnets that meet the specific needs of our clients, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Committed to upholding the highest standards of engineering excellence, we take pride in delivering top-quality, reliable metal separation equipment that is widely recognized and respected throughout the industry.


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Magnetic Separation for
Aggregate & Mining 

Dings overhead magnets provide the industry’s best performance and the durability that’s required to prevent damage to processing equipment and costly down-time.

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Magnetic Separator Complete Product Line

Dings provides expert advice to customers
needing assistance with separation solutions.
Our magnetic separation experts take the extra
time in engineering and custom designing a
product to our customer’s specific expectations
and satisfaction. We manufacture what best fits
into their existing production process to save
money and time.

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Magnetic Separation for

Dings overhead magnets provide the industry’s best performance and the durability that’s required to prevent damage to processing equipment and costly down-time.

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Quarry and Aggregate Magnetic Separators

High quality, reliable magnets provide your business with the extra level of protection it needs. Dings Company magnets are used in the concrete, aggregate, stone and quarry industries to protect crushers and downstream processing equipment from costly repair and downtime caused by tramp metal. Dings sales and engineering staff provide quarry operators with expert advice regarding the magnet type, size, and suspension height required to meet your metal separation needs.

Aggregate and Quarry Magnets

Food and Chemical Magnetic Separators

High quality magnetic separators are used to ensure product purity and protect processing equipment in the food and chemical processing industries. Dings Company offers a wide variety of magnetic separators including grates and plates for bulk powder, abrasive material, liquid, slurry and high volume grain processing applications. Dings Company sales and engineering staff will assist with the selection, sizing and positioning of our plates and grates to meet your specific food or chemical processing application needs..

Food and Chemical Magnets
Recycling magnets

Recycling Magnets

In business for over 120 years Dings Company has earned our reputation for providing quality magnetic separators for concrete, scrap metal, municipal waste and plastic recycling applications. Our magnetic separators are used by the recycling industry to recover Ferrous metal, protect processing equipment and ensure product purity.

Recycling Industry Magnets

Mining/Minerals & Coal Processing Magnets

Dings high quality magnets provide the mineral and coal mining industries with the extra layer of protection they need. Miners use our magnetic separators to defend processing equipment from damage and costly down time caused by ferrous tramp metal and ensure product purity. Dings Company sales and engineering staff will provide the expert advice needed to size and position magnetic separators to meet the specific metal separation needs of your coal processing or mining operation.

Mining Mineral and Coal Magnets

Agricultural (Grain/Milling) Magnetic Separators

Dings Magnets are used by the agricultural industry to protect livestock, processing equipment and ensure product purity. Animals swallow metal objects like screws or bolts that are commonly found in the field or their feed. These foreign objects can cause a disease known as hardware disease or pierce the animal’s organs, resulting in loss of valuable profits. Our magnetic separation equipment, designed and manufactured in USA, removes metal contamination to improve purity in food for animal health and safety, magnetically separates items so they can be reprocessed and protects expensive process machinery. Seed processors use magnetic cleaning to remove contaminants from crop seeds, elimination crop losses and ensuring the purity of livestock feed. Our powerful and reliable magnetic separation solutions are widely used in agricultural industries, including farming, sugar cane mills, in the seed industry, grain processing, meat processing byproducts, soy, corn and much more. Dings sales and engineering staff can provide you with expert advice regarding ideal magnet type, size and suspension height to meet the specific metal separation needs of your agricultural application.

Agricultural Magnets

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