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UWT Level Control is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement technology for the detection
and monitoring of levels, limit levels in any kind of bulk materials, solids as well as in liquids, pastes and foam. 

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UWT level measurement devices provide accurate measurement results - even under extreme conditions. Therefore, UWT products are to be found in many industry sectors. All around the world, high profile and well-known companies continue to rely on UWT products and services for level measurement.  With the experience of having installed our devices with complete success in over 1.000.000 applications, you can be sure that we will find a solution for your application.


Level Measurement Applications

Please see below for examples of UWT level measurement sensors under typical conditions within applications from a wide range of industries.

The process and storage environments within the feed industry sector often have factors such as moisture, vapour and fat to consider which cause the materials to have caking tendencies.  In order to withstand and remain fully operational, UWT devices have special coatings which in turn provides the customer with economically viable solutions.  As a result of many years' experience within the feed industry and the continual research and development of measurement technology, UWT sensors offer wide and innovative versatility. 




In aggregate, quarry and mining applications, the conditions are often extremely noisy and dusty.  UWT offers robust sensors with total reliability as standard - whether for mobile plastering machines, mixing systems with heavy vibrating conditions, volume measurements within dosing tanks, stone crushers, conveyors or cement storage silos.

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Level measurement devices installed within applications in the chemical industry are exposed to aggressive, adhesive, abrasive and/or corrosive media.  Also the requirements can demand that very light bulk goods are to be detected and measured accurately.  With innovative measurement technology from UWT in conjunction with a high sensitivity of the measuring device, the solution is clear.  We also pay particularly close attention to the aspect of process safety within chemical plants.

The environmental sector is facing the challenges of sustainable management and the careful and efficient use of natural resources. In addition, environmental legislation places high demands on the waste and recycling industry. Here you will see from practical examples how the level measurement technology from UWT is able to adapt to and meet these new requirements.   

Within the food industry, absolute hygiene is paramount.   UWT sensors represent the key ingredients to meet this requirement - for measurement of spices, flour, salt, or sugar to nuts and chocolate. UWT uses only food-grade materials in the components of the measuring devices that come into contact with the product, thus ensuring total hygiene safety.




UWT level controls can be found in all areas of processing within the glass industry: both in the storage and processing as well as in the manufacturing stage.   Here you can see practical examples of how the robust sensors withstand high mechanical load and deliver reliable results, even in corrosive media environments.

Sensors for use in the metal industry must meet high requirements for durability, reliability, efficiency and economic viability. UWT has the right measurement technology for typical metal industry applications in pressure conveying systems or storage silos.

In the power industry sector, safety and efficiency are paramount.  As such, UWT level controls have been designed using the latest technology and knowledge.  The devices comply with all relevant national and international Ex certifications. UWT also designs custom solutions for reactors, confined spaces and for high temperature environments of up to 1100 ° C.

For demanding applications found within the rubber industry, UWT can deliver individual, custom made level control solutions according to the requirements.  Requirements such as ease of maintenance, complete reliability and durable robustness.  By being able to select from a wide range of sensing weights, UWT can respond with total flexibility to the challenges posed by varying types of surface structures.

UWT offers a variety of high-quality sensors for industry-specific applications in the plastics industry.  UWT can offer level control solutions for the storage, conveying and processing stages as well as in the production of plastic granules or powders. 

The timber industry places high demands on the productivity and availability of its plants.  UWT has experience of these situations and their challenges and can offer the right sensor for level and point level control - sensors that are robust, durable and maintenance-free.  

For the various applications found in many other industries, UWT provides efficient level measurement with modern, service-friendly device technology.  UWT can tailor make measuring techniques for individual bulk solids applications in order to solve all challenges presented. 


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Level Measurement Applications

Find out what challenges were met (and how) with our innovative level measurement applications.

The Challenge

Our customer from Germany required to measure the level in storage silos. However, the product, baking soda, was extremely dusty, light and caked easily. The challenge was to provide precise measurement under such conditions.


The Challenge

Our customer, a waste-to-energy plant, had the requirement to monitor the fill level in the filter feed of the coke filter. After certain emission standards changed, a coke filter had to be retrofitted in this plant 7 years ago. The temperature in the filter is approx. 130°C.

The Challenge

A manufacturer of trucks for the cement industry looks for a reliable sensor to detect the max-level in the truck transporter. Different solids will be filled in this tanks. It should be a robust sensor for this harsh environment

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