We specialize in providing complete materials handling (powder, tablet and API) solutions for OSD and API pharma manufacturers.

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Bin Handling

Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are used to store, transport and process bulks. These patented IBCs are great for flow issues such as bridging, blocking and blend segregation.  They are ideal for customers with high number of recipes and need quick changeover.


Bulk Bag Loading & Unloading

Many bulk material ingredients are handled in bulk bags (or super sacs). Bulk Bag Unloaders help to safely remove all of the contents from the bag so it can then be further processed. Bulk Bag filling units help to safely package bulk materials into these 1 ton bags.


Cleaning Equipment

These automated washing systems are used in the pharma and food sectors where cleanability and hygiene is of utmost importance. And now in more and more facilities since the pandemic as well.  They can clean bins/storage tanks, as well as product components to ensure cleanliness.


Coarse Crushing

There has always been a need crushing big things into smaller pieces - stones, ore, ice, grain and more. Coarse crushers such as our impact crushers, cage mills, hammer mills and lump breakers are integral to this process and ultimately make it easier to further process your materials.

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Discharge Aids

Discharge aids are used to help encourage the flow of bulk material out of a collection hopper or silo. Air sweeps, Vibrators are examples of how to help keep the flow going.

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Dust Collection & Air Filtration

Dust collection is vital in every manufacturing operations’ overall safety.  Dust collection systems have pick up points that collect dust that otherwise become airborne and into the factory atmosphere while handling.  Sometimes the collected dust is valuable and can be of further use.

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Fans & Blowers

With regards to dry bulk process, fans and blowers are used to either push, suck or blow air and/or dry product through an enclosed system.  They are frequently used in pneumatic/vacuum conveying systems.

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Feeders are used to accurately meter a certain amount of product into a batch or continuous process at a fixed rate. This can be done volumetrically (each screw rotation displaces a fixed volume of product) or gravimetrically (through loss in weight).

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Fine Grinding & Milling

These mills are used to take a coarse product and grind it down to a finer powder. These mills cater to applications where temperature control (because grinding creates heat), and end particle size are of utmost importance.

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A good fittings system will keep your production areas cleaner, saving you valuable time, money and provide a better environment for staff.  We offer the best flexible fittings system on the market!



Gate Valves - Quantum Series

Quantum series slide gates are used in gravity or pneumatic process applications to control the flow of material such as granules, powders, and pellets. These valves are also maintenance friendly and can be serviced in line without having to remove the valve.  Our seals help extend the life of the valve which gives us an advantage over the competition. 




Liquid Process

Most liquid equipment runs more efficiently without solids in the steam.  Liquid screeners are used to ensure that solid contaminants can easily be removed from a liquid process, which eliminates the need for production stoppages.RussellFinex logo



Industrial mixers are larger version of the blenders you use at home. They take dry ingredients and mix them based on a preset time to achieve a homogeneous blend.


Rotary Valves

Rotary valves are used to control flow of a material in a process, as well as to lock out air from being circulated to parts of a system. This eliminates dusting and keeps maintenance and shutdown costs down.

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These samplers automatically inject a tube in a process stream to collect a sample which gets reviewed by a companies Quality Assurance group. This is the cleanest way of extracting samples from a product



Screening equipment is used to separate materials based on their size, or as a means of policing for contaminants in a product stream.

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The Russell Compact Airlock Sieve – removing contaminants from API’s
  • Total dust containment during check-screening - validatable seal certified to provide containment levels of less than 1μg/m3

  • Complete operator protection - ‘Wet in Place’ spray ball cleaning system available when handling highly potent API’s (HPAPI)

  • IQ, OQ, & PQ documentation packages available

  • All product contact surfaces are fabricated from 316L stainless steel to ensure compliance with the most stringent sanitation standards

Screening Pharmaceutical Excipients
High quality vibratory sieves to ensure repeatable product quality

A vibratory sieve or screener is an essential part of every pharmaceutical production process, particularly as product quality and integrity are so important. Having to recall a pharmaceutical product because of a quality defect or safety issue can damage the reputation of any manufacturer.

Excipients such as lactose, starch and Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) are regularly used in oral solid dosage formulations such as tablets, capsules or sachets. Using the Russell Compact Sieve® to safety-screen excipients will ensure product quality and remove any oversize contaminants, such as packaging, wear residue from other machinery or unwanted particles natural to the excipient.

Industrial sieving solution for pharmaceutical powders
 A major pharmaceutical company optimizes its pharmaceutical production line with the installation of Russell Finex’s high-performance sieving equipment

With nine manufacturing companies across India, a leading pharmaceutical company had plans to develop and revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry across the Indian subcontinent. Six of these manufacturing facilities focus on the combination and formulation processes of pharmaceutical drugs, whilst three focus on processing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Screw Conveying - Flexible

Commonly used in many material transfer systems, screw conveyors offer a proven and economical way to move dry product from one place to another. We offer flexible units which have the ability to bend, as well as shafted and shaftless rigid conveyors that are engineered to order.



Screw Conveying - Rigid

Commonly used in many material transfer systems, rigid screw conveyors offer a proven and economical way to move dry product from one place to another. These units can be shafted or shaftless



Sorting Equipment

Sensor based sorting equipment is used to sort by colour and size, where most other forms or seperation equipment cant be used efficiently.

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