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Discharge Aids

Discharge aids are used to help encourage the flow of bulk material out of a collection hopper or silo. Air sweeps, Vibrators are examples of how to help keep the flow going.

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Case Studies/Infographics

An Elmira Pet Products’ installation of AirSweep units to replace the vibrators and pneumatic
hammers is keeping pet food ingredients flowing through their process systems effectively
and safely.



The company experienced a 62% reduction in flour flush and 42% reduction in labor, all directly attributed to the AirSweeps. Cost savings from flush material reduction alone was around $200K.

Customer states: “Pretty awesome little devices!”.


By solving the problems in the process with AirSweep systems, this manufacturer produces a higher quality product, while achieving a greater output capacity than expected.
 The solution was AirSweep® USDA 135. Unlike vibrators – which condense moist powders and eventually damage the vessel – the AirSweep® uses high-pressure, high-volume bursts of compressed air.