Success is the sum of details. Level control measurement helps!

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"Success is the sum of details". So Harvey Firestone said! 

Cost-causing overfilling or running empty during production processing is a manufacturing nightmare. Level control measurement is an essential part of the manufacturing process in order to avoid costly downtime and improve sanitation.

Free-radiating radar level measurement helps to achieve process reliability, durability and simplicity of use.

As in any other manufacturing process, animal feed production can quickly be ground to a halt if an inconspicuous component doesn't function reliably. To achieve reliable level measurement, sensors need to be integrated into plants with the highest possible process efficiency and a certified design. 

Non-contact measurement technology is especially suited for the storage of powdered raw materials, especially when operating under high dust generation during the dynamic filling process.  

As level sensors detect the exact level of a medium - in real time - the user is updated at all times about the current percentage content of the container, thus optimizing processes and reducing costs.

One of the largest manufacturers of animal feed products in Chile wanted to optimize its manufacturing process.  Silo storage of various powdered materials needed reliable, non-contact level measurement with two filling lines.  The application area was a very dust-intensive atmosphere reaching process temperatures of up to 80 degrees C.

Read more to find out how free radiating sensors were implemented to achieve a safe solution for continuous functional level measurement. Or, view the video below for an overview of level control measurement.

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