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It is a mistake to think of fittings as a "disposable" component of your manufacturing process.  Quality equipment is always a good idea.

That said, how do you evaluate the long-term costs of choosing a low-quality fitting, rather than investing in a high-quality solution?

While clamp and sleeve options can be slapped onto pipes anywhere in your process line, a good fittings system will solve problems and improve the health and safety of your plant.  A primary benefit is the issue of dust leakage at machinery transitions due to poor-fitting hose clamps.


We highly recommend the BFM® Fitting system, which fits on the inside of the pipe - not clamped to the outside. The "snap fitting" into grooves within a spigot (stainless steel adapter) achieves a 100% seal.

Connectors are easily snapped in and out quickly, without the use of tools, screws or clamps.  No fiddling with the correct lengths and placement.  Less downtime = Increased productivity.

Cleaner | Safer | More efficient BFM Fitting systems return long-term productivity benefits.

Just Ask Jonathan how BFM Fittings can improve your manufacturing process. Here's a meeting link if you'd like to schedule a call.






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