Bulk Bag Handling





Dairy Plants rely on Bulk Bag Fillers, Loaders and Dischargers for their powder applications.

Many Dairy ingredients are handled in super sacs or bulk bags.  This is because these systems typically handle up to 1 tonne of material per bag.  Our bulk bag loading equipment helps customers take their dairy ingredients from their process to this bag, which will be shipped to their customers.  Our bulk bag unloading equipment allows customers to take a bulk bag of up to 1 tonne of material and further package it into smaller bags.  These systems are hygienic and specifically rated for the dairy industry.

Dairy Process Diagram Packaging
Bulk Bag Handling

Many bulk material ingredients are handled in bulk bags (or super sacs). Bulk Bag Unloaders help to safely remove all of the contents from the bag so it can then be further processed. Bulk Bag filling units help to safely package bulk materials into these 1 ton bags.