HOW TO Determine Which Valve is Right for YOUR Process

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Craig Rattos

Many people think that selecting a slide gate or diverter for handling dry material is pretty straightforward.  They typically assume the required information is limited to . . .

·       Size of the opening
·       Shape of the opening
·       Available stack-up height
·       Matching connections or hole patterns

In reality, a valve supplier needs quite a bit more information in order to select the right valve for your application.  You don't need an expensive valve for a simple application.  Conversely, opting for an inexpensive job that doesn't meet your processing requirements can be very costly in the long run.

Which is why we ask for lots of detail in our Project Scope documents.  In order to ensure you get the right valve for your particular processing application, we make sure we ask the right questions.

Read this informative article, recently published in BSIC Journal  by Lisa Johnson.  Lisa gives some great advice on how to assess and plan for your next valve purchase.

For more information, please give us a call - or drop us an email.  We're always happy to chat.



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