What is The Vortex Titan Pressure Valve?

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Craig Rattos

The Titan Pressure Valve is designed to address higher-pressure applications up to 100 psig (6.8 barg) and higher temperatures up to 660° F (350° C). The TPV Gate is engineered for highly abrasive applications and requires minimal maintenance over the life of the valve. Featuring Vortex’s rising-blade technology, the TPV Gate ensures an optimal seal and positive material shutoff with the use of lifting lugs. This prevents the blade from jamming or packing material upon closure, which can cause serious downtime.

Vortex Roller Gates | Handling Sludge

Vortex Roller Gates Handling Sludge

In this application, a Vortex Roller Gate is used by a city wastewater treatment plan to shut off the flow of wastewater sludge between a hopper and a truck load out. The customer required slide gates that would seal the flow of material and not prematurely seize up due to rusting.


Vortex Loading Spout | Handling Tea

Vortex Loading Spout Handling TeaA tea and coffee merchant utilizes the Vortex Loading Spout to control fine material particulate as various types of tea leaves are fed into a blending drum. Once all the tea types have been introduced into the blending drum, the spout is retracted and the blender is secured to begin the blending process.

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