The Strength of Titans | Not Just a Greek Myth!

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Craig Rattos

Vortex realized their customers were looking for a more heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant slide gate, according to Laurence Millington, Vortex Global's Managing Director.

The reason? Simple.  Abrasion is a problem in bulk manufacturing process equipment. Abrasive materials wear down equipment components.  

Vortex responded by making their standard roller gate much stronger resulting in the Titan Series Slide Gate. This innovative powerhouse features live loaded, hard polymer bonnet seals that can be swapped while the valve is still in-service, avoiding downtime. Polymer seals compressed rubber backing to further protect the polymer seals.

Abrasion-resistant liners (that can be replaced when required), along with hardened steel cam-adjustable rollers and polymer blade guides make the Titan Series handle intense use.

Ease of maintenance was top of mind when designing the Titan Slide Gate. As a result, it is easy to strip down and access points are positioned on the sides for easy reach.

"When used in the correct application, the Titan Slide Gates require almost no maintenance and will last a very long time". Now, that's good design!

WHAT IS The Vortex Titan Pressure Valve

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